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Stock Patterns

Learn to identify the winning patterns

tons of examples

Step by step walk through videos

candle patterns

Japanese Candle Stick Patterns

video library

Watch when and where you want, new examples added regularly

build a trading plan

Create a trading plan that works for you. Use our step by step ‘How To’ guides

complete trading system #1

No guess work. How to duplicate our trading system with step by step instructions

complete trading system #2

Another (more advanced) complete trading strategy with step by step guide and examples

help, support and guidance

We’ll guide you every step of the way


Learn to Trade and Invest - Any Market - Any Time Frame
Home of the ADX Momentum Trading System.

Our crystal clear videos will walk you through how to perform technical analysis, dissect stock charts and find winning trades based on chart patterns that repeat over and over again in every market.
It does matter if you are a stock trader, futures trader, FOREX tracer or investor. These patterns can be used in any market and can easily be adjusted to suit any time frame trader.

  • Video based educational course, makes t easy to follow and easy to learn

  • All our strategies and setups are designed for accelerated learning

  • We'll walk you through setting up your charts and free charting platforms

  • Complete trading systems including the ADX Momentum System, and others


Acclaimed Trading Educator Greg Weitzman Shares His Most Powerful Strategies

Greg Weitzman

Hi, I’m Greg
I’m a trader, and trading educator, and trading system developer.

No.. I’m not just getting started, I’ve been doing this since 1992!

You could say I have a lot of experience, close to 30 years in fact.

I’m married, I have 2 kids and 1 dog.

For the last 30 years I’ve earned my living and supported my family exclusively from my trading and investing knowledge.

And TODAY I’d like to teach you how to do the same.

I know you’re going to absolutely love my clear concise and no nonsense approach.

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